Buyers Representation… Your most important decision!!

An ocean view home is a dream for most everyone. The lure of the sea is an attractive and romantic proposition. Baja, which has long lured travelers and adventurers alike, now offers one of the greatest opportunities to enjoy an oceanfront lifestyle. There are a variety developments, resorts and communities that spot the coastline from the border with San Diego to Ensenada. They offer many differing amenities, characteristics and environmental profiles that are as different as the individuals that are drawn to the area to search for that special residence.

There are many decisions that come into play for those who choose to embark on a search for real estate in Baja. There are questions of location, condo vs house vs villa, amenities, security of acquisition and many more. However the most important decision a buyer will make is who they will choose to represent their interests in a search for property. This is important for any person seeking to purchase real estate. However, buying in México is very different than the US, Canada or Europe. There are not the same “guardrails” that buyers have to protect their interests. There are no significant disclosure requirements, typically no bank looking over your shoulder to protect you (and them) and it is a “buyer be smart” environment.

There are many different issues associated with the purchase of real property in México. Here is a partial list:

  • Disposition of the community; Fraccionamiento, Regiema de Condominio, Ejido, Protected zone, Zona Federal Maratima, lease land
  • Buyer deposit protection: escrow, fund control, performance bonds, building trust, reputation and history of performance of the developer,
  • Secure title process; title insurance, Notario services, escrow, trust vs incorporation.
  • Matching quality, safely acquirable area inventory to the unique needs of the buyers; proximity, amenities, community profile, environment

The services of a qualified agent are the most important move you make when you embark on a search in México. This agent will be the only individual chartered solely with the representation of your interests on your search.

The sellers and developers have representatives that are in place to look after  their best interests and sell you what they have. A buyer’s agent will look after your interest, find you what you want, negotiate the best price & terms and protect your interest (e.g. deposits, title, etc…).

Many buyers of new inventory from developers have lost sizable deposits of never obtained proper title as a result of no or poor representation. REPRESENTATION IS YOUR MOST IMPORTANT DECISION WHEN YOU BEGIN YOUR SEARCH.

Some things to consider in your agent selection:

  • Are they associated with a recognizable brand with a quality reputation?
  • Are they certified in any way?
  • Are they licensed to sell real estate in México?
  • Are they associated with a registered association (the only registered real estate associations in the area are AMPI – México’s affiliate of the National Association of REALTORS® and API)

Your search in Baja will be an enjoyable journey for you. Make it a safe, productive experience by engaging the services of a qualified, experienced, licensed agent from a local recognizable reputable brokerage.